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[UPDATE] Xgd3 Disc showing as ” unsupported ” in modified consoles.

Look like MS has released some sort of stealth update either put into disc’s or over live that is causing Xgd3 titles to show as ” unsupported “. We are unclear if this is coming from a bad rip of Need for speed run as one of or sources claims or from another source such as in game update.


What is clear is that until this is straightened out you should not put your console on live or run the risk of the BANHAMMER which as we all know is generally sent out around this time of year.

Keep checking in and we will keep you up to date will all the latest news.

EDIT: it does appear that a re-flash to LT 2.0 will NOT resolve the issue. Looks like what a source told us earlier this week regarding the new Dashboard update to 2.0.14686 that is coming Nov. 25th however in the source’s case a re-flash brought the system back up to speed.


We have been talking with a source and here is the news we’ve come up with so far. (All test were done with a slim 0225 and 0401 drive using the current LT 2.0.) Not that it really has to be said but, retails are booting fine. The issue’s are only with Backup copies burned with or without the new Ixtreme max firmware.

It appears the “unsupported” message is being linked with your online gamer tag. It is actually flagging something on the system not the dvd drive as our source swapped out the dvd drive after being flagged initially and before signing into live with the new dvd drive attempted to boot an Xgd3 title with no avail.

On another slim fresh lt 2.0 flash booted xgd3 fine no issue’s. Once signed into live with the same gamer tag as above the same issue arrived.

Stay OFF xbox live  until this is resolved. If you have already been flagged we have been told you can regain access to your Xdg3 titles by updating to the new preview dash but, this is just a band aid once you update to the new preview dash you will NOT be able to sign into xbox live until Nov 25th when it is officially launched. There is no telling what is going on and im sure C4eva is hard at working decoding it now.


C4eva has confirmed it is the dae.bin that has been modified to look for new challenges. Here is his quote

First and foremost, a warning — at this current time it is advised that you stay offline and avoid playing any AP2.5/XGD3 backups. It has been confirmed by the team that the dae.bin is now being silently updated on all LIVE-connected boxes.

This update is not being deployed via a SystemUpdate or TitleUpdate, but rather occurs in the background without any visual indication or prompt to the user. As such, there is no means by which it can be cancelled or avoided, other than not connecting to LIVE. If you’ve connected to LIVE in the past 24 hours, your system has likely already been updated with a changed dae.bin.

All AP2.5/XGD3 backups that contain the now older AP25 replay data will fail the system’s AP2.5 challenges and indeed flag your system (the flagging has also been confirmed by the team).

Like our news a few days ago, the dae.bin is now being changed by way of an appended challenge table in the same manner on current retail dashes (13604) as it is on the preview dash (14686), however the content of the challenge tables differ. The team has determined that the appended challenge table appears to be unique per console and contains indentifying information. This means that everyone’s dae.bin is different, and can potentially be traced back to your specific console. Therefore, sharing your dae.bin with others is not advisable.

In simple terms what this means is that for right now the only way to play your xgd3 backup’s is by using a retail disc. Some have reported certain xgd3 backups playing on certain systems but, others will not. You can feel free to test them out to see what works for you.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know your experiences. As always we will keep you informed as news breaks.


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3 Responses to [UPDATE] Xgd3 Disc showing as ” unsupported ” in modified consoles.

  1. Tyler says:

    hi yea if you do the new update dashboard preview it does work 2 or 3 mins into the game you get a cannot authorize disc error

  2. anon says:

    yep it’s true for me… =(
    Xbox360 fat drive Philips LiteOn 16D2S using lt2.0
    says unsupported disc with previously working backup discs of bf3.

    backup games not xgd3 working well.

    Waiting and hopping for a close solution.

  3. Perv says:

    I have a ben q lite on LT+3.0 and modern warefare 3 works on the system, but other XGD3 Disc aren’t. Skyrim, Gears of war 3, black ops. I wonder whagt is going on

    Waiting for 3.0!!

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